Rejecting someone is not easy, or free from awkwardness totally, but it doesn’t have to be that tough. Your response is anyway going to break his or her heart, so try to do in a polite and easy way. There are more natural, more tactful ways of saying goodbye than just cutting and running or changing your number. Here are some ideas to reject them in a humane way. Tell the truth Be honest and truthful and don't be hurtful is the method you have to adopt here. You might feel like sugarcoating what you have to say, but that way will just lengthen the whole process and make everything more frustrating for both of you. Be specific Be specific about why you are rejecting the person, and that helps them a lot. Give reasons for your rejection. Consider your tone Everything depends on how you
  If you find someone so attractive, you may be thinking how to get that guy notice you without creating a fool of out of yourself. There is good news for you, meeting people is much simpler for women than men. As single guys surely jump at the inconsiderable possibility to be in the company of an amazing lady, you have got a lot of options. Put on high heels Putting on high heels is one of the simplest tricks that you can follow. He would be drawn to you for sure. Men consider women walking in heels as amazingly sexy and sensual stride. You may look more feminine and approachable. Go without sleeves Make sure you look at your best in a sleeveless top. According to a study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, men are actually more attracted to women with longer arms.
To be attractive, you load yourself with foundation, concealer, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick and so on. But the truth is men are not all attracted to women with a lot of make-up. Your similar actions or behaviour might give you the opposite effect. So, prepare yourself for some truths. To grab his attention, you have to avoid these ten things Wearing a tonne of makeup As we discussed above, a woman with too much makeup is not at all attractive. Women think that it is the amount of makeup they wear attracts men. But in fact, you are warding them off. A little makeup is fine. Actually, makeup has no role in attracting the opposite. Men are always interested in natural looks. Being a gossip In order to open up the lines of communication, you might start with the scandals and stories rel
Most of the men say it is not easy to find out what is hidden in a woman's mind. Ladies too feel the same about men. Here are some facts about men, that would definitely change your perspective about them. You can make the first move Women expect men to approach them. It is the social expectations that discourage women from directly seeking potential partners. If you make the first step, it can give you a personal control especially of your body. It also provides your new love interest with a possibility to move easily without having to decode your body language. Men hope for their female partners to initiate sexual intercourse. Tell your guy he's pretty Men like flattery, suggest many of the researches. Describe your attraction to your man, and he really desires to know it. The man-f
Women wish men should know some universal truths about them. The biggest challenge with romantic relationships is having great communication. Unhappily, men and women tend to have very different ways of expressing themselves. Women aren't that straightforward and so it won't easily communicated to men. The desires and needs of one woman can from others. As it is not possible to represent all women at a time, here we have compiled some common feminine secrets that all men should know. Women and men are essentially the same Gender is a social construction than a biological imperative. The characteristics of both males and females are more likely to be made by social influences than sex designation. We all have similarities and differences. Kindness is always appealing Women always like
Real sexiness is the complete confidence that can make you smarter, unusual and excellent in every area of your life, and it is not just about attracting someone. There is an incredibly sexy person inside you. You make her come out by following the ways listed below. Have a dance party If you do not just feel like sexy, in order to turn on yourself, dance with your partner or kids. Dancing can enhance your mood, reduce your stress, and  boost your self-confidence, Get dressed up Put on something that makes you confident, beautiful and sexy.  Psychologist World reports that clothes are designed from a practical asset to a social marker, and they influence the way we see ourselves. Get a new haircut Getting a good and short hair cut can boost your confidence. Shorter locks create in yo
Men or women, who get easily hurt? The answer is both men and women are vulnerable at certain times, especially when their partners say something bothersome to them.  We have found out what all make them feel most criticised or hurt. For this, we have asked a lot of couples to share their experiences. Those eight points we are going to discuss were all overarching inclinations in the replies. These problems were so uncomfortable to get negative feedback on that their companion could even prompt at being offended by it and it would hug in the partners' mind for months, years, or despite decades. So here are the eight things what people don't expect from their partners. 1. He Reprimands my body or tells me I'm fat Women don't like their husbands criticise about their bodies or say that t
One of the most common discomforts that we all have experienced is a headache. It is really fortunate they normally go away without causing more problems. Also, many chronic headaches, such as migraines and cluster headaches, are not recognised signs of more critical, underlying problems. To improve your life, they may need to be treated, but they won’t place your life in danger. But there are some types of headaches you have to be careful about. They are considered possible warning signs of more severe health problems. Go to your doctor immediately, if you experience any of the following symptoms. 'Thunderclap' Headache An extremely severe headache thunderclap headache come on rapidly. It causes intense pain and develops in 60 seconds or less. It indicates bleeding in the brain after a
Love is the crazy thing that binds long-term relationships. Without love, it 's hard to navigate relationships. If you are with the right person, you may feel everything as different and enjoyable. The happiness in the relationship makes even your mundane chores fun. Are you sure that you have found your forever person? It’s great to have obvious clues that you’re in the right relationship, and also good to have things that you can work on to improve your connection. Here are some of the experiences of couples who have been married for over 25 years. By going through these, you can know that you are in the right relationship. You love and like each other Silvana Clark, who have been married for 39 years, says that she and her husband still love each other. They have travelled the world
We all know how painful is a period cramp. We go for many home remedies such as hot water bag, warm black tea, lying on stomach, etc. And if the pain still continues you approach a gynaecologist. Read this article for knowing about the strategies followed by gynos for treating period cramps. 1. Put a heating pad on abdomen When I experience extreme pain, I put on a hot water bag. It helps in relaxing the uterine muscles and relieves pain - Sheeva Talebian, MD, New York City. 2. Avoid salty and oily foods Janet Choi, a gynaecologist at New York City, says that the intake of salty foods can make your bloating and ache worse, as those type of foods provokes your body to maintain more water. 3. Pretreatment Angela Jones another gynaecologist suggest taking 600 milligrammes of ibuprofen e