To be attractive, you load yourself with foundation, concealer, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick and so on. But the truth is men are not all attracted to women with a lot of make-up. Your similar actions or behaviour might give you the opposite effect. So, prepare yourself for some truths. To grab his attention, you have to avoid these ten things

Wearing a tonne of makeup

As we discussed above, a woman with too much makeup is not at all attractive. Women think that it is the amount of makeup they wear attracts men. But in fact, you are warding them off. A little makeup is fine. Actually, makeup has no role in attracting the opposite. Men are always interested in natural looks.

Being a gossip

In order to open up the lines of communication, you might start with the scandals and stories related to your friends or family. But, You are actually presenting a poor image of yours. Gossip is a way adopted by people to make themselves feel better about their lives, and they want to talk about the failures and scandalous behaviours of others as a means to give themselves a lift. Know that men are not looking for women who likes to put down others to boost themselves up. You have to be confident and value yourself.

Showing excessive confident

Being overconfident doesn’t help you. Yes, you have to proud of your successes and be happy about what you are, but keep in mind that showing off do not help. According to a research published in Psychological Science, people who boast about themselves don’t even realise the extent of the negative acknowledgement they get from others. So avoid ego or acting like a narcist.

Bad-mouthing your ex

Always criticising your ex will give a wrong opinion about yourself.  Bad-mouthing your ex around a new guy is not at all a right decision. Constantly talking about your ex makes it seem as though you’re still withholding feelings for him. Leave the past and concentrate on your now-guy.

Being needy

If you are someone who tends to become clingy and emotionally dependent on a person as you think it’ll draw him closer and encourage him to stick around, then understand that you’re actually just shoving him away.

Playing hard to get

You might believe that playing hard to get and working in a distant and disengaged way can benefit you attract a guy. However, you are making a great mistake by not making time for him. Men are attracted to women who are outgoing and assertive.

Being a lady in distress

Men are least interested in drama. In fairy tales, you might have seen men rescuing distressed women, but in reality, men are not that type. If you be a damsel in distress,

he might think that you are desperate, immature, and overdramatic.

Having overly styled hair

The truth is guys are not interested in overly done and processed hair. Women with loose curls and wavy hair are thought more appealing to men than extremely flat-ironed slick-straight hair and complicated updos. Always opt for natural methods to attract a man.

Being a party girl

Men don’t like out-of-control party women. Becuase those women act carelessly, make poor decisions, and put themselves and others in difficult and potentially harmful situations.

Always agreeing with him

To please them you don’t have to always agree with him. You have your own opinions you have to express your true thoughts. A right person will appreciate for what you are.