We all know how painful is a period cramp. We go for many home remedies such as hot water bag, warm black tea, lying on stomach, etc. And if the pain still continues you approach a gynaecologist. Read this article for knowing about the strategies followed by gynos for treating period cramps.

1. Put a heating pad on abdomen

When I experience extreme pain, I put on a hot water bag. It helps in relaxing the uterine muscles and relieves pain – Sheeva Talebian, MD, New York City.

2. Avoid salty and oily foods

Janet Choi, a gynaecologist at New York City, says that the intake of salty foods can make your bloating and ache worse, as those type of foods provokes your body to maintain more water.

3. Pretreatment

Angela Jones another gynaecologist suggest taking 600 milligrammes of ibuprofen every six hours for three days before the period. Ibuprofen reduces the prostaglandin buildup, the chemicals mainly responsible for cramps.

4. Lots of green veggies will do

The best way is to have a lot of anti-inflammatory leafy greens, berries, quinoa, and also spices like turmeric. Do not eat sugary foods that will increase the blood sugar and improves inflammation. If you really feel like having sweets, go for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is high in magnesium and helps relieve cramps.

5. Engage in activities

One of the tried-and-true strategies for killing period pain is sex. When you end in orgasm, a hormone oxytocin is released by the body, and it acts as a painkiller.