Love is the crazy thing that binds long-term relationships. Without love, it ‘s hard to navigate relationships. If you are with the right person, you may feel everything as different and enjoyable. The happiness in the relationship makes even your mundane chores fun.

Are you sure that you have found your forever person? It’s great to have obvious clues that you’re in the right relationship, and also good to have things that you can work on to improve your connection. Here are some of the experiences of couples who have been married for over 25 years. By going through these, you can know that you are in the right relationship.

You love and like each other

Silvana Clark, who have been married for 39 years, says that she and her husband still love each other. They have travelled the world together. Did not care what others would think about their lifestyle. It was our joined decision not to have a baby and adopted an eight-year-old child. We worked together and still wanted to continue living together.

You have the same goals and values

Nancy Hughes says that she is married to Jack for 41 years. They volunteered at an elementary school together while in college, and she was impressed by his way with kids. I was a perfectionist, and he wasn’t. But we wanted the same things out of life. And that drives energy to our life.

Doing little things to make each other happy

The little things make us happy. Carol Gee who is married for 43 years says that she is ready to marry his husband all over again. He likes to take me shopping and patiently while I selected clothes. He used to hide lottery scratch-offs around the house, for me to find and he knows I really love to find them from unusual places.

Accept the parts of each other that are uncontrollable

We have come from entirely different backgrounds. I came from an Italian family who were not at all shy about getting connected and giving opinions and not was the case in his family. But, my husband always accepted me and even after 53 years I see the same guy whom I fell in love with. Elisa Sheronas married 51 years.

I’m the biggest fan of my partner

My husband is “my rock and my support system” says Cathy S. Tooley. They have been married for 31 years. She is always in high-stress as she is a business woman. Even in her hard times or how much confused or stressed she get, her husband always stood right beside her. He never questioned her path.

You support each other’s crazy hobbies

Monte Drenner says his wife supports in all my adventurous trips even though she isn’t that type. These 34 years she has backed up in all my wild activities and travelling. She pretty well understands me and meets all my needs.

Feel like I’ve known him forever

I have been taught not to talk to strangers or trust them. But, the night I met my husband changed everything. The rule not to talk or trust strangers were broken. A game and later some drinks, that was how we met. I didn’t feel like he is a stranger and I have known him forever! – Patricia Kumor married 31 year