If you find someone so attractive, you may be thinking how to get that guy notice you without creating a fool of out of yourself. There is good news for you, meeting people is much simpler for women than men. As single guys surely jump at the inconsiderable possibility to be in the company of an amazing lady, you have got a lot of options.

Put on high heels

Putting on high heels is one of the simplest tricks that you can follow. He would be drawn to you for sure. Men consider women walking in heels as amazingly sexy and sensual stride. You may look more feminine and approachable.

Go without sleeves

Make sure you look at your best in a sleeveless top. According to a study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, men are actually more attracted to women with longer arms.

Do workouts to make your arms appear long and more attractive.

Wear red clothes

Red which is the most attractive colour can help you. Research in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology proves that men are definitively more attracted to and moved to women who are wearing the colour red. Red is so powerful as it is the colour of romance, love and lust.

Put on red lipstick

Again its red that gonna help you. Put on a red lipstick if you want that guy to approach you. Wearing a red lipstick hold a man’s gaze on her face for a longer time, while a lighter shade of lipstick won’t do.

Smile bigger

Smiling is another trick. Make your smile bigger, then you will be more attracted to a man.  A study in Psychological Science showed that people have a higher inclination for and drift more towards smiling faces over non-smiling faces. White teeth and a pleasant smile is something highly appealing.

Make eye contact

If you make eye contact with someone while smiling, it makes you seem more attractive and alluring than just smiling without making eye contact. It is said that women should make at least 13 glances to show her affection and make him willing to come to you.

Get off of your phone

In order to make yourself more available put away your phones and other distractions. A guy won’t approach you if you are not interested in your surroundings.

Pay attention to your body language

Almost  55% of communication is meant entirely on your body language, so it’s necessary to take a closer look at precisely what kind of messages your body is sending to the men there. Crossing your arms gives a hint that you are not interested or unapproachable.

Go out with only a handful of friends

Do not go out with your entire squad. A guy will not feel like approaching a big group, and it will be harder to find you. A method to encourage him to approach you is to be with three or four friends maximum.

Radiate confidence

Show your self-esteem that is one of the ways to attract him. If you are feeling good about yourself, then the other person would also feel the same. Having confidence in yourself can empower you to draw a larger number of potential mates.