Rejecting someone is not easy, or free from awkwardness totally, but it doesn’t have to be that tough. Your response is anyway going to break his or her heart, so try to do in a polite and easy way. There are more natural, more tactful ways of saying goodbye than just cutting and running or changing your number. Here are some ideas to reject them in a humane way.

Tell the truth

Be honest and truthful and don’t be hurtful is the method you have to adopt here. You might feel like sugarcoating what you have to say, but that way will just lengthen the whole process and make everything more frustrating for both of you.

Be specific

Be specific about why you are rejecting the person, and that helps them a lot. Give reasons for your rejection.

Consider your tone

Everything depends on how you present. You have to think from other perosn’s perspective, what the other person may feel. So the tone of your voice and timing are extremely important.

Accept your role

If there is some blame on you, accept it, and make sure to voice it. Share your liability, share your responsibility for the situation when you’re rejecting somebody.

Consider compromise

Rejecting is not about winning, but about negotiating and settling things. An absolute no is hard all to accept, so take care yourself without destroying someone.

Give time to share their feelings

Don’t just hurry and say what all you want. But, let them share their feelings and emotions. It makes you understand that rejection ‘s hard, but stay strong.

Practice makes perfect

Be mentally prepared not to have the words you are about to speak, be well received and approach them calmly. Practice what you’re going to tell and planning ahead will help you a lot.

Don’t expect resolution

It is not simple to end a hard conversation, and you are not there to make him comfortable. Don’t rush it, present it politely.

Of course, rejection isn’t easy

Rejection is not about hurting the other person but treating them with as much understanding, kindness, and respect. A kind rejection is healthier for you and the person.