Women wish men should know some universal truths about them. The biggest challenge with romantic relationships is having great communication. Unhappily, men and women tend to have very different ways of expressing themselves. Women aren’t that straightforward and so it won’t easily communicated to men.

The desires and needs of one woman can from others. As it is not possible to represent all women at a time, here we have compiled some common feminine secrets that all men should know.

Women and men are essentially the same

Gender is a social construction than a biological imperative. The characteristics of both males and females are more likely to be made by social influences than sex designation. We all have similarities and differences.

Kindness is always appealing

Women always like kind men. They stay with unkind men because they are scared of them not because they are attracted to the aggressive traits in men.

Dressing messy isn’t cute

Women are attracted to men who dress properly. Wear an outfit that matches you, and don’t overdo it. Stylish and neat clothes are pleasing, but it won’t help if you give appearance your first preference.

Do not pretend that you’re perfect

Nobody is perfect and know that imperfections, make your life and relationships enjoyable. What is hidden in you will come out once. There would be a person who can love you accepting your flaws.

We don’t hang neatly into categories

Clean out every prejudice about what makes men and women varied, and learn to think of women and men as individuals and not just generalised stereotypical robots.

We are too scared of losing our independence

Women are afraid of commitments like men. More than men, women are asked to give up their careers or interests for a good homemaking or well-settled life. But not all women are ready to sacrifice.

We like makeup

UK makeup expert Lisa Eldridge, in her non-fiction New York Times bestseller, Face Paint: The Story of Makeup, says that women wear makeup for themselves. Many women report that they feel more confident when they wear makeup. Makeup has a role in woman’s life.

We’re bored of inequality

Stop relating feminity with weakness. We, women, like to be valued as individuals and we have a voice. And you guys, don’t be afraid to wear pink colour or cry when you are sad.

Don’t be the fox in the henhouse

Men and women are from earth, and they have similarities. Don’t think that we are aliens and are humans while interacting with us. We expect to see your beautiful humanity.