Most of the men say it is not easy to find out what is hidden in a woman’s mind. Ladies too feel the same about men. Here are some facts about men, that would definitely change your perspective about them.

You can make the first move

Women expect men to approach them. It is the social expectations that discourage women from directly seeking potential partners. If you make the first step, it can give you a personal control especially of your body. It also provides your new love interest with a possibility to move easily without having to decode your body language. Men hope for their female partners to initiate sexual intercourse.

Tell your guy he’s pretty

Men like flattery, suggest many of the researches. Describe your attraction to your man, and he really desires to know it.

The man-flu is actually a thing

An experiment conducted in 2015, proves that men really do suffer more severely from their colds than women. In women, the estrogen hormones easily fight off the flu. So a man actually deserves an extra sympathy at those times.

He doesn’t see women as “objects.”

A study suggests that the more sexually exciting a woman seemed to be, the more likely men were inclined to view her as an “object.”

Men also engage with body image

Not only women, but men also compare themselves to the models featured in advertisements. According to a study published in TIME, the desire to gain muscle has led to 4 million Americans, mostly men to use steroids.

Women are more accepting of their bodies than men

This wasn’t the case before; time has the power to change everything. A recent study published in an American Psychology Association press release, recommend that women have become more admitting of their bodies than men. Women are dissatisfied with their bodies at some specific times, but men are always discontented with their physical appearance.

Men suffer “toxic masculinity”

Like women, men are also forced to meet social expectations that define masculinity. The masculine norms are self-reliance, violence, emotional control, risk-taking, and power over women. And all these norms may trigger mental health issues in them.

Gender roles aren’t suitable for men, either

Nowadays we can see that women are taking over male-dominated roles. But, the gender stereotypes are still preventing men from engaging in activities that are established exclusively for women. Home fathers exist in only 1% of wedded couples with kids below the age 15, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Men can be feminists

Regardless of social expectations, Feminism offers everyone the chance to pursue their own account of happiness. As we discussed above gender roles are not good for men either. Men also undergo social pressure and discrimination, so they can totally be feminists.

Misogyny is also bad to men

Misogyny is not good for women and men. Men also bear the fruit of misogyny, but they don’t usually realise it.