Men or women, who get easily hurt? The answer is both men and women are vulnerable at certain times, especially when their partners say something bothersome to them.  We have found out what all make them feel most criticised or hurt. For this, we have asked a lot of couples to share their experiences. Those eight points we are going to discuss were all overarching inclinations in the replies.

These problems were so uncomfortable to get negative feedback on that their companion could even prompt at being offended by it and it would hug in the partners’ mind for months, years, or despite decades.

So here are the eight things what people don’t expect from their partners.

1. He Reprimands my body or tells me I’m fat

Women don’t like their husbands criticise about their bodies or say that they are fat. They are really sensitive about it.

My boyfriend and  I were going to a party, and he asked me to change the dress I wore, because it exposed my tummy, and people will mistake that I’m pregnant. I was sorrowful and broke up with him.

Do not criticise their physical appearance. Try to love them as they are or let them find partners who appreciate their appearance.

2. He hates how I taste or smell

To have a better relationship, you have to enjoy your partner’s taste and smell. The delightful smell and taste of our partner’s genitals (male or female) is a sign of health, and it also provides us subconscious hints as to our genetic unity with them. If you actually discover yourself repelled by your partner’s smell or taste,  just don’t say anything, because that comment can stay with him/her for the rest of their life.

3. He thinks I’m too emotional

You are overdramatic; you cry too easily, you’re too emotional are the comments that your wives most hate. I think my emotional bandwidth has to be put under wraps sometimes with my husband and it hurts. I might be crazy or irrational at times, but I feel like he uses it too liberally.

She might feel that you are not taking her seriously.

4. My sex drive is too high or low

Some women say they feel criticised for having a sex drive too high, while others for having too low of a sex drive. Every woman is different, so is their sex drive. Accept it if you can.

5. She says my penis is small and not hard enough

This is one of the criticisms that men mostly hate. Partner passing negative comments about penis makes lots of guys feel insecure. As a woman, you have to understand that after 30 or 40 a man takes longer to get an erection. It is a natural thing, and you cannot blame him.

6. I don’t last long enough in bed

My girlfriend has got a higher sex drive than me. And I fell like I cannot satisfy her sometimes. Her little comments here and there really hurts me.

I feel like having sex with her every day, but she wants it just four times or less in a week. I can understand that she is different, but her comment “Can you stop bugging me for a few days?”, was terrible.

7. Her criticism in front our friends or colleagues.

I hate when she criticise me in front of others. If she has got some problems with me, she can tell me and not in front of other people.

When he criticise me or make fun of my outfit, my sexual performance, in front of others, I question myself how about how did I start loving this person.

8. colleagues hates my job or career

The responses we collected from both men and women, made us think that men are success objects while women are just sex objects!

A man really wishes for a woman who would stand behind their work and believe in the work he does.

If she earns more money than me in some months, she almost always mentions it. But whenever I have done better than her, I didn’t. I don’t want to make more money than her, but I don’t want my wife to point out what lacks in me.